Our Patients' Testimonials speak loudest as to who we are, in comparison to other Dental Clinics in Ecuador

Patient Testimonials

Janet Sinclair photo
Janet Sinclair

7 years ago I discovered that the United States was 27th in the world in dental care. I was quoted a price of $4,300.00 for a dental implant in Oregon. While in Cuenca, Ecuador, a friend recommended the office of Dr. Pacheco at “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic”. My dental implant was painless! The staff here are professional, kind, courteous, and speak perfect English. My process cost a total of $1,500, a huge percentage savings compared to the US – plus I got a great vacation from this delightful deal! When I had my regular 6 month check up in the United States, the dentist noticed the good workmanship and asked who this dentist was that I used. I was proud to say that it was done in Ecuador while on a Dental Vacation. I highly recommend the dentistry there. I am so grateful for Dr. Pacheco and the entire staff here at Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic!!

Andrew Millwater
Hello to all,
My name is Andrew Millwater and I am a firefighter ready to retire and needed a lot of dental work done and the cost here in the US caused me to look elsewhere for dental care. I reached out to five countries known for dental tourism looking for estimates on the work I wanted done. Of the five, only three replied, one had my request totally wrong that to me left two choices; Mexico and Ecuador. Choosing between these two came down to:
  1. I have wanted to go to Ecuador for possible retirement location.
  2. Cost, Ecuador came in lower and did not charge for a bunch of incidentals like Mexico.
My work with Find Health in Ecuador was done on August 28th through September 12th, 2017 in his office. The office was clean, comfortable, and professional. X-ray services located is same building if needed. I had a root canal, and 18 crowns to include several bridges. I am very happy with the work done by Dr. Pacheco, his staff, and Ana Maria Ledoux. The administrative assistant had been working with me even after the fact allowing me to attempt to claim for reimbursement from my dental insurer (talk about pulling teeth). I would highly recommend anyone needing dental work to contact Ana Maria at +1 941-227-0114.
Janice Kent

I am very discerning and quite particular about my doctors and dentists. I would rate Dr. Pacheco and his staff, including Dra. Diana Mences, the specialist who does the root canals a 10 out of 10 for their professionalism, empathy, and courtesy. This is not to mention the quality of the work I have had done there. I am 66 years old and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on medical and dental procedures. I also have a mouth full of caps and bridges that after many years, are weakened now. I recently had a terrible infection and thought I would need a root canal work. I went in today for the procedure and after a thorough exam, the doctora explained that having a root canal would not be my best option. Dr. Pacheco kindly and patiently explained what the alternative procedure would be with him. Ana Marie was there to translate what I did not understand.  In short, I have recommended Dr. Pacheco to several friends and will continue to do so. He and his staff are the best!

Rochelle Rothstein
Florida, USA

In the past few years, I had to replace some of my dental crowns, as they had been in my mouth for more than 30 years. There was no decay, but my gum line had receded from them and I did not like how they looked. I have always taken care of my teeth, and I did not want to have to resort to wearing dentures. I always remembered my mother telling me when I was younger to take care of my teeth, as she eventually wore dentures and was very unhappy with them in comparison to her own teeth that she had previously had but lost through wear and tear. Thus, I had a couple of crowns replaced here in Florida, and the cost of those crowns had cost me almost $1,500.00 each – a price that I simply wasn’t willing to pay again for my new dental work. So, I read and researched about Dental Tourism, and I thought, why not check it out and see what its all about. From the moment that I contacted The Find Health in Ecuador Clinic, they made the entire process very simple and easy for me. I flew into Guayaquil, Ecuador, and was picked up by their driver and brought to Cuenca. The next day I was taken to their Dental Clinic and I met with Dr. Andres. He spoke perfect English, and I confirmed him the dental work I wanted done. I wanted one crown replaced and I also wanted a three-unit bridge replaced. My cost here in the U.S. was quoted to me by my dentist at more than $7,000, but my cost in Ecuador was a total of only $800 – an incredible difference that “far better” than paid for my airfare, hotel and trip expenses for my vacation In Ecuador itself! My dentist in the U.S. is also very nice, but naturally I did not like the prices quoted by her Florida dental office. As I have no dental insurance and am retired, I simply did not want to shell out that kind of money. We began the work on a Thursday morning, and the following Monday afternoon, the dental work was completed at a mere fraction of the cost, and without any discomfort whatsoever (I didn’t even require an injection to numb my gum, how I had needed in the past with my Florida dentist). I am now already back in the U.S., and so I had a wonderful vacation in Ecuador, as well as my dental work completed, all for “less than” the cost of if I had stayed in the U.S. and gotten my dental work at my usual dentist’s office in Florida. I cannot say enough good things about how well I was treated by the Find Health in Ecuador staff, and about the quality of the dental work I received at their Clinic. I would recommend that before anyone begins expensive dental work in the U.S., they should check out other avenues available to them, such as a lovely vacation being a great excuse to get dental work done in another country by perfectly well English speaking dentists (just like one’s own dentist in the U.S., but at an 80-90% lower cost). With much gratitude to Find Health in Ecuador!

Samuel Adams
Florida, USA

I was in need of getting my wisdom teeth extracted and Nick helped me find a oral surgeon while I was visiting Cuenca. The doctor was very friendly and explained everything to me in English. The whole procedure took only half an hour and was very professional. Every bit as good as what you can get in the USA for a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend Nick and FindHealthInEcuador if you are looking for the best medical care in Ecuador.

Rick Smith
Alberta, Canada

The dentist selected was efficient and extremely affordable. I would recommend Nick and FindHealthInEcuador if you are looking for good, low cost dental treatment in Ecuador.

Carol Babin
California, USA

I needed some work done on my teeth and approached FindHealthInEcuador to set me up with one of their dentists. Due to extreme sensitivity, I needed a gentle and caring dentist and I was not disappointed by the dentist selected for me. He was quick, sensitive and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend FindHealthInEcuador for your dental requirements!

Ann McKeown
California, USA

A car hit me over 8 months ago and my memory as well as thinking abilities was distorted due to the accident. I suffered from tremendous anxiety as a result of my incident. Luckily, I stumbled across Nick and FindHealthInEcuador and they immediately put me under the care of a highly qualified neurologist, and now I am feeling so much more like myself since my new doctor prescribed me with the medications I needed and now I am significantly relieved of my former anxiety. Thank You Nick! and FindHealthInEcuador!

Gordon Adams
Azuay, Ecuador

I live here in Cuenca, Ecuador and I was in need of a Cardiologist for my arrhythmia and tachycardia. Nick immediately took concern to my condition and facilitated me to one of his organization’s finest heart doctors in Cuenca, who quickly lowered my heartbeat and prescribed the medicine I needed to get back to living the life I wanted to! Thank you FindHealthInEcuador.

Tania Garcia
Guayaquil, Ecuador

I live in Cuenca and Nicholas is a wonder of the medical tourism industry. He introduced me first to a plastic surgeon who removed 2 large warts from my face (no pain or discomfort!) and then secondly to a biological dentist that helped me with pulling out a tooth for an infected molar (again, no pain or discomfort at all). I am now relieved of pain and very thankful that someone could get me in contact with a doctor who was honest and fixed my problem quickly.

Heidi Grillo
Connecticut, USA

I would like to thank Nick at FindHealthInEcuador. I was introduced to a lovely cosmetic surgeon. The procedure was painless and she did two dermal fillers including botox for a fraction of what it would have cost me in the US.

Joan Racicot
New Hampshire, USA

I wanted to thank Nick for his assistance and recommendation of an excellent medical doctor, throughFindHealthInEcuador. The doctor was very thorough, took weight, height, blood pressure and advised us on diet and exercise to maintain good health. We arrived at his office to make an appointment and were able to see him immediately. It was, about, a 20 minute wait for $30.00. He wrote the prescriptions that we needed, and we feel very confident that FindHealthInEcuador and their doctors met our health needs!

Sally D. & John H.
Texas, USA

It was wonderful to meet you while in Cuenca recently as part of Nathan West’s Ecuador Relocation Tours! We appreciated the time you and the others in your organization spent with my husband (John H.) and me. In fact, the meetings with your organization, the hospital Deal Rio staff, and your doctor was the most useful part of an outstanding first trip to Ecuador. As 67 year old retirees, we are happy to know that health care in Ecuador is excellent, available, and current: this is an extremely important decision-making consideration for us. Please convey our heart-felt appreciation to Maria Elisa Duque in Marketing at Del Rio hospital for her very thorough and informative tour! She did an outstanding job of making sure that we understand how advanced a hospital this is and what it can do for medical tourists and residents. We were very impressed. Also, the time spent with the doctor was among the best medical consultations (informative, caring, and not rushed) I have ever experienced. His communication style is superb, and I appreciated his advice tremendously. If my husband and I need a medical treatment outside of the USA in the future, we will definitely contact you. And if we decide to further explore residency options in Ecuador, we will also be in touch. Thank you for all your help. You are an excellent facilitator!

Linda Swaine

First I want to say how easy and rapid it was to arrange surgery, barely two weeks from when I commenced. That is impressive. Nicolas Barringer’s replies to my emails were very quick and responsive, always helpful and courteous, so communication was exceptional which helped inspire confidence. While Nicholas and Pamela his assistant are both young, they were quietly confident, very helpful and open minded. Both of them even visited me in the hospital even though my stay was short. Having Pamela accompany me to the hospital, for X-rays, to the doctor consultation appointments, to the hospital on entry the morning of the surgery and to run errands like getting me my prescribed meds, gel packs, appointment bookings, did a huge amount to make the process feel very personal but pleasant and not overwhelmingly frightening. And the fact that both spoke English and Spanish contributed to making communication clear. Nicholas did provide me with some pricing before I even got to Cuenca when we discussed knee replacement and revised the figures as it moved to arthroscopic. Broadly I had some idea of what my costs might be. And his recommendation of the doctor turned out to be a very good choice of orthopedic surgeon for me. Further, the choice of home stay for me also turned out to be good for me as the person not only had a very acceptable home but was an exceptionally well-travelled intelligent person who was good company and a thoughtful good cook. And as Nicholas promised there was no extra billing for FindHealthInEcuador‘s services to make this all happen.

Bernie & Eileen Funk
Alberta, Canada

I would like to thank Nick, Adam and their excellent staff at FindHealthInEcuador for their efficiency in providing us with doctors, dentist and chiropractor assessments and treatments. We have been living and traveling in Ecuador for about four years now and have recently moved to Cuenca. We are impressed with the medical care here in Cuenca compared to our Canadian medical system, as there, as most of us know, is a tremendous waiting period. We saw all three doctors all on the same day, and they are excellent health care providers who take the time to get to know the patient. The cost of the office visit/consultation was about $30 to $35 for all of the doctors. If you are new to the area or you have been here for a while, I would highly recommend Nick at FindHealthInEcuador and his very personable assistant, Pamela, who books the appointments with the appropriate doctors and personally goes with you to these appointments to make sure everything is done to your expectations. She speaks excellent English/Spanish and is a joy to spend time with.

Kimberly James
Manabi, Ecuador

Nicholas, please extend my many thanks to Dr. Andres Pacheco, for seeing me on such short notice the other day. Although I didn’t have any acute dental issues, it was important to establish a dentist, and get a check up and cleaning. I was so impressed by his thoroughness. Not only did he make my teeth sparkly clean, he checked the respiration from my nose to my mouth, applied pressure to my jaw in various spots to inquire about pain, and did a thorough exam for any unusual bumps or lump……how refreshing to have someone so concerned, who doesn’t limit his exam to a 15 minute time slot!I had mentioned to Dr. Pacheco, that I was concerned about my crowns, as some of them were very old, and it might be time to consider replacements …. yikes, I thought, I really opened that door. I waited patiently for him to walk through it, but no. After a complete exam he said, that yes, indeed my crowns were older, but there was no reason to replace them. A very honest and appreciated approach. I love the fact that I can walk into your offices and in less than hour, be on my way out, with a bill the size of my what my co-pay would have been in The States……and even more importantly, with the confidence that I am receiving care that exceeds my expectations and certainly the level of care I received back home. His English skills makes him a pleasure to converse with……… made only slightly more difficult while saying “awww” at the same time.

Judy Booth
Arkansas, USA

FindHealthInEcuador and Hypnotherapist, John Hall relieved the pain I was having in my lower lumbar region due to walking so much​, due to the taxi not knowing exactly where to go. I cannot sit for long periods of time ​and the pain was pretty harsh. My​ orthopedic surgeon said ​​”N​o​”​ to pins in the spine due to my age. Within minutes, my back pain and pain in my lower ribs ​had ​gone and has not returned. I did as he said and actually closed my eyes, totally relaxed​. I think this comes from trusting and believing what he was saying and doing. Bless his heart and I will be contacting John ​and  FindHealthInEcuador Clinic to help me with my smoking cessation and other matters.

Ed & Olga O'Conner
Cuenca, Ecuador

We want to thank the great staff at the Find Health In Ecuador Clinic for sponsoring the free seminar on diabetes. It was a great learning experience under the tutelage of Nick Fenger. If you think you know all there is to know about this disease, Nick will enlighten you to the contrary. Should this opportunity be offered again, please do yourself a favor and attend.

Glen Birbeck
Maine, USA

I want to thank Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic, because I needed a Dentist. I now have a mouthful of her artistic effort at a fifth or less of what it would have cost in the states. None of this stateside dentist on roller skates working six clients at a time. I had her full attention when I was in the chair. But that’s part of the culture in Cuenca, Honesty and Personal Attention. Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic was always on call to answer any question I had. Their experience and willingness to do whatever was needed inspired me, in fact, next time I need Medical or Dental, I will call on Find Health in Ecuador. I am a happy customer, for sure.

Rebecca Stonegarden
Minnesota, USA

I generally tolerate dentistry….I know it’s good for me….but I dread the discomfort. My experience at Find Health In Ecuador Dental Clinic was a pleasant surprise and quite a change from the norm. The dentist was very professional and most caring. If he saw any sign on my face that might indicate discomfort, he stopped immediately and asked how I was doing. And honestly, I never experienced one bit of pain. I lost part of a tooth, one week into my adventure in Ecuador. I knew right away I would need a crown. In part, I knew this because just before I came here, I had a crown put in. That first crown, with insurance, cost me $1,000. My Ecuadorian crown cost me $200.00. I would heartily recommend Find Health In Ecuador Dental Clinic for dental work. I speak a little Spanish. The dentist spoke a little English…and the secretary speaks excellent English. Between us, we not only did the job, I think we all had a good time.

Deborah Nance
Iowa and New York, USA

I first want to compliment you on Dr. Andres Pacheco’s amazing work with me yesterday. After an anti-anxiety pill from your doctor, I was relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure to repair a broken tooth and replace a mercury filling. I could not tell when the filling was removed. I didn’t feel a thing! I had to ask, because I could not believe he had removed it without so much as a twinge of pain. He explained that it takes twice as long to use instruments rather than a drill, and yet he would not let me pay him more than the $30 that Ecuador law recommends. I’ve seen a variety of dentists over the course of 60 years, and I have never been so lucky as to have a single other one with Dr. Pacheco’s skillful hands. I also want to take this opportunity to compliment Ana Maria on her fluency in English and her professionalism. I tell everyone to check out Find Health in Ecuador first for all their medical and dental needs.

Feral & Rosie Macloud
New Mexico, USA

Dr. Andres Pacheco uses the latest techniques in dental care. He does almost no drilling, instead using his dental pick to carefully save as much of the tooth as possible. He is virtually pain free. He does a very good job with cavities​​ and cleaning​s​. He placed a crown for me after a root canal and spent a number of visits making sure it fit properly. He speaks English and is very concerned about your comfort at all times…asking frequently if you are comfortable and giving you breaks if you need them.​

Hugh Prather
Florida, USA

Before I left the United States for Ecuador, I met with a couple of dentists in West Palm Beach, where I lived. I was looking at extensive dental reconstruction. As one dentist told me, “Be prepared to pay as much as a nice SUV for the work you are needing”. Quite a shock needless to say. I started to visit dentists in Ecuador a few months after arriving. I met with a dentist both in Cuenca and Loja, where I was living at the time. I remember seeing in GringoTree and Facebook information on “Find Health In Ecuador”. I contacted Nicholas and scheduled a consultation appointment. I met with Dr. Andres Pacheco. From the beginning I felt comfortable with Dr. Pacheco’s recommendations and credentials. After much consideration, I decided to work with Find Health in Ecuador. I am extremely pleased with Find Health in Ecuador and all their staff. Along with Dr. Pacheco there have been other dental specialists and surgeons brought in to give me an excellent dental outcome. I have a great new confident smile. Thank you Dr. Pacheco, Nicholas, Ana Maria and all the wonderful staff that made me feel so comfortable.

Denise Schreiber
New Hampshire, USA

I’ve been a client of Find Health Ecuador for 3 years and I have to tell you both how impressed I am with your staff member, Ana Maria Ledoux. She is extremely knowledgeable, considerate and caring about the patients and more than helpful to many, many times, for me personally, with my issues, concerns and making sure that I understood what the doctor was saying to me before I left the office Always a pleasant experience on appointment day. Respectfully submitted, Denise Schreiber