Big changes coming to Find Health in Ecuador

Dear Find Health in Ecuador Subscribers, 
Since "Find Health in Ecuador" was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Barringer and Adam Altholtz, we have constantly nurtured our Dental Clinic to offer the best patient experience that no other organization of it's type in Ecuador can match.
Through patient satisfaction surveys, suggestion boxes and testimonials, we believe that we have a good idea of how to continually improve, with our goal of offering the best and most pain-free dental experience possible. 
For example, as we know that people do not like to wait several weeks to get an appointment with Dr. Andres, we have recently added another seasoned Dentist to our team. Her name is Dr. Daniela and she is a wonderful addition to our Dental Clinic. She has worked at our Dental Clinic for two weeks now and has done an outstanding job, with many high fives and compliments received from our patients and friends alike. For anyone who has been to our Dental Clinic, you know that we typically work with a wide variety of specialists, so this is no different, and for those of you who might have any trepidations about getting dental work done by another dentist, Dr. Andres will still be making all the decisions regarding your diagnosis, treatment plan, etc. Our Dental Clinic will now run much like a dental clinic in the U.S., where the head dentist will see each patient at the end of their appointment(s) and if necessary, also at the beginning of their appointment(s). This will allow us to see more patients and hopefully get you in to see the Dentist faster for your desired appointment date, as well as attend to dental emergencies in a quick and responsive manner (how a patient deserves when afflicted with any dental emergency). 
We also know that people do not like to wait several weeks after their first appointment to get their prothesis such as a dental crown, so as we are slaves to the dental labs of Cuenca (actually, we are slaves to four of the labs!), we aren't able to get the results we need to meet our patient's needs, so we are slowly, but surely putting together our own dental lab, such that we can be able to fabricate dental crowns within minutes from taking the impressions as well as to fabricate dental retainers within an hour. 
All of the above changes will also help in minimizing the number of appointments that a patient will need to have for test fittings, lab preparations, etc. These additional improvements will be implemented over the rest of this year in 2016, and with any luck, sooner rather than later!
To highlight the new changes we are making, you will receive:
- Faster appointments upon contacting us
- Faster delivery dates on dental prosthetics (e.g. crowns, retainers, etc.) 
- Above all, Quality of CarePatient Comfort and Customer Service will always be our top priorities, and your dental care is always 100% guaranteed by the Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic!
Have a pleasant evening!,
The "Find Health in Ecuador" Team


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