How to make the most out of your trip to Cuenca

How to make the most out of your trip to Cuenca


Cuenca, a city with amazing health care, doctors and dentists, is not only cherished for its attention to medical and dental treatment, and in fact, if you ONLY traveled to Cuenca solely for medical or dental tourism itself, you would be missing out on the beautiful essence of Cuenca and its beautiful sites and charming people! So I personally have put together a list of the top 7 things you should do in Cuenca in addition to your Dental Vacation!

1. Cajas National Park: If you like hiking, sightseeing and more, this place is just majestic. The park is 70,000 acres and has unlimited hiking trails with high mountains and lakes everywhere, as well as the occasional herd of llamas too :-). An interesting fact is that Cuenca's drinking water comes from the Cajas Mountains, and is among the best water quality in South America, so it is perfectly safe and in fact delicious to drink.

2. Volcanic Spas in Banos (just outside of Cuenca): This one is not so well known amongst tourists, but really when you come to Cuenca, you'll want to do this one or two times (or even three times!). I highly recommend "Piedra de Agua" or "Novaqua", but I am liking Piedra de Agua the most of all these days. It's $12 to get in, and is a very relaxing and delightful experience that provides volcanically heated mineral water Jacuzzis and Pools with eucalyptus aroma saunas. You can't beat this experience! Perfect for following a hike in the Cajas Mountains!

3. Parque Calderon: Just because it's Cuenca's own "Central Park", and has a lot of huge European-like cathedrals surrounding it. It is a very beautiful place to be and it's free, so you can just hang out at the park and enjoy the scenery as well as the local daily grind.

4. Pumapungo Museum: This museum is awesome and free. Three complete floors of LOTS of Ecuadorian history and culture. Don't forget to check out the wonderful surprises behind the museum. 

5. AMARU Bio-Zoo: This is the best zoo I've ever ever been to IN THE WORLD! For the most part, the animals get to roam around and seem to be pretty content. There are hundreds of species, including lions, tiger and bears, oh my!!

6. Paradise Park: A larger park with some walking trails. Nice plan to hang out and read a book.

7. RIVERS: Cuenca is a city of 4 rivers (Rios), so make sure to check them out. Tomebamba River is probably the most popular one and closest by to the Cuenca downtown.


Author: Nicholas Barringer

"Happy Resident of Cuenca for 5 years" 

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