This newsletter is not intended to tell you why we have better ethics or are more honest than other dental clinics, as that would be an incorrect message to broadcast, but I do feel like writing about ethics, as I believe that we ourselves and for our patient’s sake, happen to strive in this area.
We really do each and every day, try our very best to offer our patients the best and most accurate treatment plans possible. Sometimes we analyze a patient’s x-rays for hours, prior to determining the most ethical action and treatment plan, and then follow up with the patient as per the best way to go about their prescribed dental treatment. These detailed treatment plans are performed by our dental clinic free of charge, so please send us your x-rays if you want us to prepare one for you. Often, it is difficult for a patient to see his or her treatment plan, because in some cases we will recommend something unexpected to a client, such as simply pulling (extracting) their tooth if there is absolutely no way to save it.
This is a tough topic. In some cases, if a patient were not in favor of pulling their tooth, then they need to accept and understand the consequences of the outcome that could most likely result (a few months down the road) in their tooth or crown fracturing losing their investment on the crown or dental prosthesis, etc., that they had spent for to try to save their tooth... We try to avoid this conundrum and at the same time (at all costs) avoid pulling a tooth if there is a better treatment option available - but sometimes there isn’t, and so this is when ethics plays a huge role in a dental clinic or in any other medical procedure that one might consider undergoing and where information can get misinterpreted if communicated to the patient improperly.
This fine line between risk and fracture or lesser to no risk and fixing the problem itself, is where ethics and trust come in to play. And so in conclusion, we at the Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic, make sure to take these things into account when making your treatment plan and we always do our best to communicate this to our patients without fail, even if it isn't necessarily what the patient wants to hear or what another dentist whose eye is on the money ball wants to tell the patient.  Yes, in a word, "honesty", whether one wants it or not, is what each and every patient receives at our dental clinic, and so if nothing else, that is what you can count on from us, even if it isn't or wasn't what you had hoped to hear... 
- Find Health in Ecuador
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