Reasons for Considering Dental Tourism

Reasons for Considering Dental Tourism
In most countries (including the U.S. & Canada), dental costs remain expensive and are continually rising. Most insurance companies do not cover dental treatments and/or dental surgeries. As a result, people have to pay high, if not outrageous prices for their dental work. Many people these days cannot even afford to obtain their dental procedure(s), and in fact very few can bear the typical price of dental implants which usually set you back $4,000 a pop or more in North America...
Dental tourism is a segment of medical tourism that enables people to get their dental procedures and surgeries performed in other countries at affordable prices.  Dental tourists may prefer dental tourism for various reasons (including the fact that it also translates into a nicely added no additional cost vacation away from home as well), but the low prices and convenience of high quality dental treatments often attracts more people to opt for dental tourism than anything else. Patients can easily save up to 80 percent on various dental procedures, in comparison to North American prices for same. For instance, a dental implant in the USA will cost you around $3,000 to $4,000 for each one, whereas a dental implant in Ecuador runs about $1000 at our Dental Clinic. For some procedures, such as dental cleanings, they are 90% cheaper and cost as little as $20 at the Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic!
The clearest and most evident benefits of dental tourism are the following:
Cost savings:
This is by far the largest benefit of dental tourism. Low markups and minimal labor costs make dental tourism very inexpensive in top dental tourism destinations (such as Ecuador). Dental work in a well known dental tourism country is reasonable and you do not have to wait for a long period of time in order to get your dental work completed.
Tourism opportunities:
Dental tourism is a great opportunity that also combines dental care with general tourism (i.e. vacation in a well known foreign country with much in the way of fun and memorable activities). People can get their dental treatment(s) done while enjoying their vacation in an exotic land. People automatically get a FREE 90 day tourism visa (known as a T-3 Visa) in Ecuador on arrival to any airport here, and can stay for any amount of time between 1-90 days if or as they wish. Typically 1-2 weeks is recommended for your dental work to be completed at the FHIE Clinic.
Customer satisfaction:
The main motive of dental tourism is to provide immense value through optimized customer service and patient satisfaction. Dental tourism is always a good option to receive the best customer service possible. Dental clinics and facilitators who offer dental tourism mainly focus on making sure their customers feel comfortable and are satisfied at all times during their trip from the time they arrive in Ecuador to the time they return to their home country.
The above are just some of the reasons why you might consider dental tourism, even though for some it might be going out of their comfort zone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reply to this newsletter and fire away. We will get back to you immediately, and we very much enjoy answering questions about our dental clinic or questions about Ecuador in general!
Have a great weekend ahead!
The FHIE Dental Tourism Team 
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