What is GringoAds.com?

GringoAds.com is the most USER-FRIENDLY "Classified Ads" site in Cuenca for Expats!

To post on "Gringo Ads", you simply select a "Username" and "Password" at www.GringoAds.com, and you are up and running, instantly ready to post in ANY Category that you wish, such as in any of the following relevant Categories:
Activities, Classes, Pets, Things For Sale ("by item type"), Making Friends with other Expats (i.e. Women "friending" Women or Men, Men "friending" Women or Men), Jobs & Resumes for Expats ("hiring Expats or being hired by other Expats"), Rentals & Real Estate, Services offered by Expats ("by service type"), etc.

GringoAds.com is Cuenca's most USER-FRIENDLY Classified Ads site for Expats, and you are now invited to freely utilize the site how you wish, as an Expat seeking the association, camaraderie & friendship of your fellow Expats in Cuenca.

And so, your free full access to Cuenca's most USER-FRIENDLY Classified Ads site is as follows for your enjoyment and pleasure: www.GringoAds.com


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