Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery


Preparation before surgery: Your doctor will ask you to stop taking medications that hinder coagulation, like: aspirin, advil, motrin, aleve, Naprosyn and other anticoagulation medicines. Ask your doctor what medicines should your take before the surgery. And if you have diabetes, any heart desease or other medical afections the surgeron will ask you to meet an spetialiced doctor for these deseases.

Estimated Recovery Time: 2 weeks or more

Estimated Hospital Stay:  1 day

What to do after surgery: your will have to use a sling for the first week, but if the preceadure was extensive possibly your will hve to use it for a while. You can take pain medication. The moment to get back to the dialy activities, like sports or hard work will depend on the extention of the procedure. Fisioterapy will help you recover movement and strength of your arm.

Meet your doctor(s) 


Cost of procedure in Ecuador:  $3000

Estimated savings:  


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