Hip Resurfacing


Preparation before surgery: Before your procedure, a doctor from the anesthesia department will evaluate you. He or she will review your medical history and discuss anesthesia choices with you. You should also have discussed anesthesia choices with your surgeon during your preoperative clinic visits. Anesthesia can be either general (you are put to sleep) or spinal (you are awake but your body is numb from the waist down).

Estimated Recovery Time: 4 weeks

Estimated Hospital Stay:  5 day

What to do after surgery: In most cases, patients go home 1 to 4 days after surgery. You may begin putting weight on your leg immediately after surgery, depending on your doctor's preferences and the strength of your bone. You may need a walker, cane, or crutches for the first few days or weeks until you become comfortable enough to walk without assistance. A physical therapist will give you exercises to help maintain your range of motion and restore your strength. You will continue to see your orthopaedic surgeon for follow-up visits in his or her clinic at regular intervals. You will most likely resume your regular activities of daily living by 6 weeks after surgery.

 Meet your doctor(s) 

 English Speaking: Fluent English

 Years of Experience: 25 years

 Qualifications: National Institute of Pediatrics at Mexico D.F.

 Hospital Saint Joseph, Paris, France.

 Fellowship in Bone Tumors at Navarra's University Clinic, Pamplona Spain


 English Speaking: Fluent English

 Years of Experience: 5 years

 Qualifications: General Surgery at Universidad Estatal de Cuenca

 Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist at Universidad Catolica de Chile

 Fellowship in Knee and Shoulder Surgery at Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago de Chile


Cost of procedure in Ecuador: $10000

Estimated savings:  70%

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