Hearing Loss

Deafness or hearing loss refers to partial or complete impairment of hearing. It can affect infants, children, teens, adults, and elderly folks. There are multiple reasons such as heredity, aging, noise susceptibility, sickness, harmful chemicals, and physical shock. Somebody may acquire auditory impairment without hearing issues in the past. Fortunately, Find Health in Ecuador can provide patients affordable solutions especially if you are in Cuenca Ecuador.

Effective Prevention

Our ear specialists are competent in coming up with deterrents against hearing loss if you are living in Ecuador. We recommend testing for poor hearing particularly for all newborn babies. Nevertheless, it may not be possible to treat certain cases associated with diseases or inheritance. Hearing aids will be your best option although this depends on the degree of hearing loss. We are very careful in conducting ear examinations since we want our hearing implants to be very effective for all patients.

Preparation for Surgery

Preparations for surgical procedures are very important. If you are an expatriate living in Cuenca Ecuador, the initial step is to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation to figure out the extent of your hearing loss. The method generally starts with the medical and audio testing. In the case of toddlers, a licensed doctor or a pediatrician may conduct this type of exam. However, we prefer that the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist perform this.

Ear Test

This examination is mandatory along with other possible checks to exclude any medical reasons for your hearing impairment. These can come in the form of infections, injuries and deformities. It can also be the presence of wax in the ear canal or tumors in remote instances. You will be given a report of your medical exam and recommendation for hearing implant. On the other hand, the audiogram consists of a hearing evaluation. For Gringos in Cuenca Ecuador, we have highly proficient health professionals who specialize in assessment, non-medical remedies, and rehabilitation of hearing loss. Our audiologists will categorize the type and degree of the hearing problems. This will determine the need for surgical treatment and referral to a licensed specialist in rehabilitation therapies.

Recovery and Care of Hearing Aids

The approximate period of recovery for patients in Cuenca is one day. Hospitalization will not be required. The correct care and maintenance are vital to prolonging the life of your hearing aids. Do not use chemical solvents, alcohol or water on these implements since these can cause damage to the components of your hearing aid. Avoid exposure to heat and dust. Clean your aids based on the guidelines that we provide. Earwax and drainage can also impair these devices. Likewise, women should not use hairspray and hair care products while wearing hearing aids. Turn these off when not in use. Replace unserviceable batteries right away. Visit our clinic and healthcare professionals regularly for inspection of your hearing implements.

Be very careful with your hearing faculty. See a specialist once you notice indications of hearing loss. Give us a call 410-8745 or send us an email at once to schedule a consultation with our hearing treatment experts.

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