Hair Loss

Hair loss problems are increasing. It has become a dilemma for males and females alike. In fact, losing hair is also experienced by the elderly and young people. If you are a Gringo confronted with this predicament, Find Health in Ecuador can provide you cost-effective solutions. We have a highly capable team of medical professionals who can attend to your concerns without any delay.

Reasons for Hair Loss

One of the primary reasons for hair loss is genetics. Male baldness starts at an earlier age. It becomes evident because of a thinning hair line and diminishing hair at the back of your head. On the other hand, female hairlessness is generally shown by receding hair above the scalp. Look at your scalp closely to determine if baldness is caused by impairment of the loss of hair follicles. If the scalp looks very normal with adequate follicular structures, the problem can be non-scarring hair loss. On the contrary, follicles are destroyed permanently with scarring bald-headedness. As a Gringo, it is advisable to find a facility like us in Cuenca Ecuador that can guarantee fast and safe hair remedies.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants overseas like that in Cuenca Ecuador have become highly popular for both males and females regardless of age. You can rely on our technology and the expertise of our team of committed surgeons. Remember that hair loss can happen either biologically or due to specific medical conditions. It is understandable for you to become apprehensive once this unfortunate hair condition happens. In case the problem turns out to be permanent, hair transplants may be the sole remedy to bring your full hair back.

Erratic Hair Loss

Irregular or patchy hair loss is a common concern for Gringos. In Cuenca, Ecuador, you can look forward to successful remedies for small round patches of baldness that typically grow again within several months. This condition is also known as “alopecia areata” that basically begins as a solitary quarter-sized ring of complete smooth baldness. The good news is that this disorder allows hair to grow again within three to six months even without treatment. There are other conditions that we can deal with promptly such as fungal infection or hair being pulled out. Treatment can include the injection of limited amounts of steroids in affected areas to accelerate hair growth. For acute and persistent cases, you can wear hairpieces or shave your entire scalp as a fashion style, mainly for men.


In extreme cases, a Gringo can resort to surgery in Cuenca, Ecuador. We have professional surgeons who can perform the needed surgical operation. However, you need to go through some precautionary measures prior to the surgery. Check with your surgeon about special shampoos that you have to use. Be careful if you are a diabetic. Confer with the physician if you are afflicted with diabetes especially with the required diet and insulin management during surgery. Refrain from taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines for one week before the procedure. Do not consume any alcohol or multivitamins. You need to stay in the hospital for one full day after the operation. Yet, estimated recovery takes 11 days.

Make sure that you take care of your hair properly. Act swiftly once symptoms of hair loss emerge. Call our clinic immediately 410-8745 or send us an email.

Hair Transplant

Preparation before surgery: Wash your hair thoroughly on the evening and morning of the surgery. Check with your doctor about any special shampoos you need to use. If you’re diabetic, do discuss with your surgeon how to handle your diet and insulin management on the day of surgery. Don’t take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications for seven days prior to your procedure. Don’t drink alcohol or take multivitamins, vitamin B, or vitamin E supplements for seven days prior to your surgery. Don’t smoke three days prior to surgery, and especially not on the day of the surgery, because it reduces blood flow to the scalp.Don’t take medications the day before surgery without asking your surgeon if it’s okay.

Estimated Recovery Time: 11 days

Estimated Hospital Stay: 1 day

What to do after surgery: Follow the doctor's instructions about caring for your scalp and any other self-care measures. This is especially important to ensure healing. For a day or two after the procedure, you may have a large surgical dressing or a smaller dressing protected by a baseball cap. During the recovery period after surgery, your scalp may be very tender. You may need to take pain medicines. You may also need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines after surgery.

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Cost of procedure in Ecuador: $4500

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