Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is a surgical procedure that fixes optical and vision problems caused by congenital factors, injuries, or general eye degeneration. Individuals from a diverse age range undergo this procedure to correct their vision issues and improve their quality of life. Corrective surgical procedures can be invasive or non-invasive, but both require utmost care from an ophthalmologist. Everyone in Cuenca Ecuador has access to this surgical procedure and can get their vision problems treated with proper post-operative care.

Types of Eye surgery

Different eye surgical procedures are available for patients with various eye and vision problems. Our experienced surgeons conduct the following procedures for patients:

·         Cataract surgery. Cataract surgery deals with cataract, an eye condition characterized by opaqueness of the lens instead of the usual transparent appearance of a healthy eye. This opaque surface looks like a cloud formation on the eye. Cataract is brought by injuries or degeneration brought by aging and causes vision loss. Cataract extraction removes this surface then replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens. Post-surgical care includes rest.

·         Glaucoma surgery. Glaucoma surgery deals with glaucoma, a collective term for different eye diseases concentrated on the optic nerve. Glaucoma causes vision loss and physical symptoms of intraocular pressure. This pressure causes dilated nerve vessels on the eyes, hazy cornea, and others. Various surgical combinations may be applied targeting the actual cause of glaucoma. Patients living in Cuenca Ecuador will undergo optical examination to know the best surgery variation according to their condition.

·         LASIK. Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis or LASIK is a known corrective surgery falling under the refractive surgery category. Individuals undergoing this procedure are those suffering from astigmatism, myopia, and other conditions that require them to wear eyeglasses permanently. This procedure fixes these problems and keeps patients from wearing eyeglasses.

·         Retinoplasty. Retinoplasty is a procedure that repairs retinal detachment and other damages on the retina brought by other diseases like diabetes. A patient’s full medical record will be taken into consideration apart from undergoing eye checkup before being recommended to undergo this procedure.

Conditions Requiring Surgery

Various conditions may require eye surgery, but most patients undergoing these procedures have permanent vision problems brought by hereditary eye problems, accidents or traumas, and diseases that affect optical health. Some patients also undergo the procedure for cosmetic purposes as they will improve eyes’ appearance and free them from using eyeglasses permanently. Our physicians will do a thorough assessment on patients to see if they are candidates for surgical procedures. We will also recommend the best procedures and related variations to assure patients will improve their visions properly.


Complications accompanying these surgical procedures vary depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s risk factors. In general, these procedures have a low risk of complications and may only be limited to minor infections, eye pain after anesthesia wears off, and temporary blurred vision.


Just like other surgical procedures, the patient in Cuenca will undergo complete eye examination with our resident ophthalmologists and surgeons to see if they are a possible surgical candidate. Complete medical assessment will also be conducted to ensure proper care. We will also provide information on pre-operative and post-operative care to guarantee safe recuperation. Risk factors and potential complications will also be discussed with the patient.

Long-term vision problem is a possible sign that you need eye surgery. Restore your vision by setting an appointment with us right away at 410-8745 or send us an email.

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