Preparation before surgery: If you need a crown, you may also need endodontic or root canal treatment on the tooth. Such treatment may be recommended if you have a lot of decay in the tooth. This increases the risk of infection or injury to the tooth's pulp. Not everyone who needs a crown will also need a root canal. Before placing a crown, your dentist may need to build up a foundation to support it. A foundation is needed if large areas of the tooth are decayed, damaged or missing. If you are receiving the crown after root canal treatment, your dentist may insert a post-and-core foundation.

Estimated Recovery Time: 2 days

Estimated Hospital Stay: No hospitalization necessary 

What to do after surgery: You shouldn't feel any discomfort or sensitivity after a crown is placed. However, if your tooth has not had a root canal it will still contain the nerve. You may therefore have some temporary sensitivity to cold. If you notice pain or sensitivity when you bite down, contact your dentist. Usually this means that the crown is too high. This can be adjusted easily. You may notice a thin, dark line next to the gumline on your crowned tooth if you look very closely in the mirror, particularly if you have a PFM crown. This dark line is the metal of the crown showing through. This is not a concern unless it appears on your front teeth and is visible. An all-porcelain crown, with no metal base, may be required to replace this crown.

 Meet your doctor(s)

English speaking: Intermediate English

Years of Experience: 27 years

Qualifications: Odontology at Universidad Estatal de Cuenca

Diploma in Odontopediatrics and Orthodontics at Universidad Javeriana de Bogota




English Speaking: Fluent 

Years of Experience: 12 years

Qualifications: Odontology at Universidad Estatal de Cuenca

Periodontics specialist at Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Diploma in Restorative Dentistry and Aesthetics at Universidad de Cuenca

Phd obtained in Restorative Dentistry at Universidad Javeriana de Bogota

Cost of procedure in Ecuador:  $270+

Estimated savings:  87%


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