Teeth Cleaning

What is a Teeth Cleaning: Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease. People routinely clean their own teeth by brushing and interdental cleanings, and dental hygienists can remove hardened deposits (tartar) not removed by routine cleaning. Those with dentures and natural teeth may supplement their cleaning with a denture cleaner.

Preparation before surgery: Review your medical history, including information about heart problems, pregnancy, diabetes and medications, which may have an impact on your oral health. Oral cancer examination and screening. Evaluation of gum tissue. Checking biting, chewing and swallowing patterns. X-rays or examination of teeth to detect decay.

Estimated Recovery Time: 1 day 

Estimated Hospital Stay: No Hospitalization necessary

What to do after your procedure: Brush your teeth properly three times a day.

Cost of procedure in Ecuador:  $20

Estimated savings:  85%



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