Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a collective term for surgical procedures done for teeth and jaw. This procedure is often done for cosmetic purposes, but some individuals undergo the surgery to improve quality of life and restore dental function. Patients living in Cuenca Ecuador suffering from pain and other issues brought by dental problems will benefit from these procedures.

Types of Dental surgery

Dental surgical procedures fall into different categories depending on the target surgery site. Famous types of surgical procedures are the following:

·         Orthodontics. Orthodontics procedures concentrate on teeth and malocclusions or also known as “bite” issues like overbite and underbite. Common procedures conducted by our experts are braces placement, molar removal, fillings and cleaning.

·         Endodontic. Endodontic surgical procedures focus on teeth roots or pulp. Since tooth pulp is hidden inside gums, this procedure requires incision into the gums to reach the affected part. A patient may undergo this procedure due to infected tooth pulp. Endodontic surgery may include a narrow incision to drain pus that has accumulated brought by infection or total root pulp removal. Root canals are the most common endodontic procedures.

·         Posthodontics. Posthodontics include placing dental prosthetics. Many of these procedures require surgery due to the nature of placing the prosthetics, which include artificial teeth and other implants that restore appearance. Common dental prosthetics patients living in Cuenca Ecuador often require are dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers and implants. Placing these implants requires the utmost expertise as prosthodontics professionals need to come up with the right implants according to the patient’s jaw and tooth structures.

Conditions Requiring Surgery

Surgery can be recommended for patients with severe dental problems to the point of affecting their daily life. Dental problems affect a person’s life due to infection-triggered pain, swelling and difficulty chewing. A patient may also undergo this procedure for cosmetic purposes brought by malformed teeth and jaws that affect their overall appearance. People who have also lost teeth due to injuries and accidents are also good candidates for these surgical procedures.


Common complications experienced post-surgery are minimal. Patients may feel pain after anesthetics wear off, though pain is manageable by taking medications prescribed by experts. Procedures that require excision and tooth removal may cause post-surgery bleeding with varying extent 24 hours after completing the procedure. Minor infection and swelling on gums may also present post-surgery. The surgeon will discuss possible complications and proper post-operation care to minimize their presentation.


The first part of preparation for surgery includes physical examination of the affected area. The surgeon will check the severity of the dental issue and recommend the best procedure for the patient. After assessment, the patient will undergo dental x-ray to have a better view of the teeth to be fixed and jaw areas. The surgeon will then have a better idea about the right surgery. Pre-surgery instructions will also be discussed together with the possible risks and complications. Post-surgery care will be provided to set patients’ expectations.

Everyone may suffer from severe dental problems. You may need to undergo Dental Surgery in Cuenca due to dental problems or if you want to improve your smile. Call us right away at 410-8745 or contact us for an appointment for an immediate assessment.

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