Nicholas BarringerNicholas Barringer, Facilitator & CEO originally from Minnesota and Wisconsin, has studied, lived and worked for the better part of the past decade in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Guatemala, and finally, Cuenca, Ecuador, where he has made his permanent home. He became profoundly involved in dental & health care facilitation in Ecuador for the benefit of Expats, when he began learning via first-hand accounts of the many relayed case studies, stories and personal histories of Expats (the majority of which were very positive ones at that!) who had experienced top-rated Dental & Medical care, accompanied by amazingly low costs for their health care needs and desires.


Adam AltholtzAdam Elliot Altholtz, Facilitator & Coordinator, originally from Connecticut and Florida, is a seasoned entrepreneur, with a tenured history of owning and operating as well as consulting to various dynamic enterprises and persons, primarily in the realm of offering elevated services to the most discerning of clientele. He cultivated a strong acumen for "needs fulfillment services" in Ecuador, and continues to rely on his myriad of business and client specific experiences in creating a truly delightful and enjoyable venue setting for Find Health in Ecuador's Dental as well as Medical tourism patients in coordination with their doctors, caretakers and servicers alike.



Sara Chaca, Attorney & Abogada, is an Ecuadorian lawyer serving her Expat Clients, through whom Find Health in Ecuador is enabled to assist its own Clients via complimentary referral to her for any/all of their legal needs while in Ecuador. She completed her law studies at the Universidad Catolica in Cuenca, Ecuador, and she seized upon her English speaking abilities to assist North Americans, Europeans, and Australians, etc., to procure both their Residency visas and Tourist Visa Extensions, setting up Bank Accounts for her clients, handling client Real Estate & Rental Contracts, taking on clients' Legal Cases as well as Contract needs in Ecuador, and being of continued legal service to her clientele in every other facet necessitated by a temporary or permanent stay in her beautiful home country of Ecuador.


Ecuador Visas (Gringo Visas) & Containers: Moving to Ecuador in Simple English!

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